MS4MS Super Bowl Squares



Mission Stadiums for Multiple Sclerosis


For our second year in a row, we are helping to spread the word and raise awareness on a cause that is near and dear to the hearts of our family as well as our friends and loved ones. Our Papa Trim was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at an early age so growing up we saw firsthand the effects and hardships it causes, first and foremost for the individual suffering from it and secondly but just as heartbreaking their family of loved ones.


We believed this condition was very rare and did not affect as many people and families as we later found out. Participating in the MS Walk was the first eye opening experience to the massive network of families who have been affected by MS. Fast forward some years later and one of our best and first friends from college was told his father was diagnosed with MS. Fast forward a few more years and one of our best friends from High School was told his mother was diagnosed with MS. A reminder to all just how widespread this condition is.


That friend from High School…he stood up and started to fight. He joined forces with MS4MS to use his platform to make a difference in the fight against MS! Dario Pizzano has been part of the MS4MS team for a few years now and has been a friend since freshman year of high school. It was a no brainer when he asked if I would help spread the word to our family of Vikings. I urge you all to please read up on Multiple Sclerosis and to join the fight as we continue to raise awareness and funds to help combat this terrible condition.




Dario approached us this year and asked if we would be interested in running our own Super Bowl Squares sheet and we immediately said yes! The timing was perfect as well since we were just emphasizing to the players that no matter how great and kind we can be, that bad things will still happen to us throughout the course of our lives. We emphasized that our reaction and response in these times is vital to moving forward and rising to the occasion. The ability to react and respond appropriately is a taught skill and something we all need to work on. A skill that Dario applied years ago when his mother was diagnosed with MS. Dario set out to make a difference and started as an ambassador for MS4MS and is now the Director of Fundraising making a huge difference in not only his Mom’s fight against MS, but the fight against MS as a whole!


Directions on how to participate are in the first picture below and the Super Bowl Squares are in the second picture.


$10 per Square to Enter

Unlimited Entries Allowed


If you would like to participate please:


  1. Venmo @Greg-Crov the cost of how many squares purchased and the number of the squares chosen.
  2. Once sheet is filled, numbers will be selected
  3. We will send out the completed sheet to all
  4. Watch and Win!




Sheet of Squares:

MS4MS-SuperBowlSquares-2022 (1)