April Vaca Clinic

Program Overview

First and foremost thank you all for signing up for the Vikings Baseball April Vacation Clinic!! We are super excited and grateful to have the opportunity to work with your kids this week!

What to Expect this Week:

In the mornings after our stretching/throwing/warmup is completed each day we will be focusing on one of the following:
  • VikeFace_NoBG
    Defensive Skill Work
  • VikeFace_NoBG
    Offensive Skill Work
  • VikeFace_NoBG
    Baseball IQ Development
  • VikeFace_NoBG
    Situational Awareness
  • VikeFace_NoBG
    Speed Training
  • VikeFace_NoBG
    Arm Care Routines
  • VikeFace_NoBG
  • VikeFace_NoBG
    Live BP

We will then break for lunch and let the boys get a rest before we go into our games.

Games will be separated by appropriate age if necessary and will be some form of wiffle ball, tenny ball, or a coach assisted live game. All of this will be determined day to day


Open to Both Vikes players and Non-players...

All our kids are behind in their overall development due to the pandemic, let’s make the most of this school break and get our kids outside and off all electronics for the week!!! 


⚾️ Drop off, morning wiffle ball games. 

⚾️ Group warm up routines.

⚾️ Station work, skills and drills, we break up by age group into positional work and clean up our techniques while getting quality reps.

⚾️ Lunch break, grab shade, drink water and eat a snack.

⚾️ Break up into 3 fields worth of games, broken up by age group, if player is advanced he will be moved up to big field.

⭐️ Other events at camp during the week, pickle, wiffle ball, and tenny ball home run derby ⭐️ 

(Great mix between serious coaching in the morning and a ton of competition and fun everyday of camp)

We will send out band app for all parents to join and we will send video and pictures live from each camp day as well as game updates.

Everyone if registered by this Monday will receive a custom Vikes Camp tee-shirt/swag👕 

🏆 Awards at the end of the week! Friday is tournament baseball all day to end the week!!!