Defensive Clinic



December 4th, 11th, 18th


Last Session is Thursday

December 22nd 


Choice Fitness (old BSC RT. 1) 

194 Newbury Street

Peabody, MA 01960


4 weeks

8 hours total

Video included


Development is our main purpose and that can come in a variety of forms. We will be emphasizing our defensive skill training, proper techniques/fundamentals, as well the mental side of the game and how being a smarter baseball player can help us defensively. Our goal as coaches is to share our knowledge with the players and to better educate them on defensive skill work but also how to continue to get better and what type of work ethic and mental fortitude they will need. 



- Positional Work, we will break up by positions and get reps, basic fundamentals and proper techniques will be trained day in and day out.

- Glove Work, we will coach up Infielder Everydays, work on partner skill work, movement patterns and reactionary drills

- Footwork, big emphasis on how to approach a ball straight on, to the left, right etc. throwing on the run, turning two, drop steps and more!

- We educate and emphasize:

+ Communication

+ Adjusting to swings

+ Knowing situational defense, and where the other team is in the lineup and what that means for you and overall defense.

+ Proper positioning

+ Getting into ready positions on delivery of every single pitch

+ Heavy thinking pre-pitch, once ball is hit you react accordingly

+ Ready positions need to be loose and athletic to allow the best possible lateral movement, field the bottom half of the ball, read and count the hops.

+ Good energy and positive talk to support your guy on the mound.


- The game of baseball is 100% mental, we will be encouraging our players to build their mental muscles, become self thinkers and problem solvers.

- We could go on for days with this topic alone....Parents just know that we are touching on the mental training every single day down the field.


- Each player will be getting a formal or informal player assessment, we are always honest with our players on things they need to improve on and things they do very well that they should continue to work on...

- Expect your son(s) to get in your car tired at the end of a practice, ask him if he is having fun, learning, and competing hard....( If he says YES to all three and even provides some examples then we are simply doing our job, if there is a NO mixed in, encourage them to communicate that to the coaching staff)

- Expect your son(s) to be pressured to be a good teammate, hustle, work hard, listen, process and apply, provide feedback, eye contact when teammates or coaches are talking to them.



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