Expanding Our Resource Network: Rob Nadel, Proteus PPC

The Vikings Program is always looking to increase the available resources to our families and players. We believe in not just adding any resource but ones we feel add value to the players. This is why we are so excited about the new opportunity we have with Rob Nadel and the Proteus Machine.
This is optional and would be a great supplement for any of our athletes to take advantage of, as we are focused on training our athletes as athletes not just baseball players! Coach Nadel with his baseball background and passion for strength and development will be great for anyone who wants to work on their craft with him…add strength, speed and flexibility and you’ll see results no doubt
Coach M. Crovo
The Proteus machine is a start of the art 3D Resistance machine with the ability to compile human performance data while delivering a totally new workout experience! This machine is being used by Pro athletes and Olympians across the globe!
Proteus Machine w/ Rob Nadel
Ability to groups of 4 players at $220 for the month for 2x a week for an hour (8 total 1 hour sessions for the month with the groups). There is some big time value in the program in that these guys will receive training that will prepare them for their high school tryouts in which they should be in better shape, running faster and understanding their bodies significantly better which will translate to all sports.
The players will have a Proteus power report showing their strength/weaknesses throughout their body. Proteus is the only 3D resistance workout possible that’s not underwater. It is essential to all rotational sports. Proteus was endorsed on Forbes magazine by the NBA commissioner and used by NFL, NHL, NFL teams as well as Olympians. All of their info will be saved each time they come in and use the Proteus, stacking all of their data to show trends.
We are located at:
27 Normac Road, Woburn, MA
4 Players: $220/month
2 One Hour Sessions per Week
8 Full, 1 hour sessions for the month
Interested? Contact Rob below!
Rob Nadel
Learn More at Proteus PPC Website below: