General Bat Info

2022 Bat Rules

9u-12u: USA Bats or BBCOR

13u: USSSA Bats (new this year), USA Bats or BBCOR

14u: BBCOR

15u & 16u/18u Elite & DI: Wood Bat

15u & 16u/18u DII: BBCOR


BBCOR bats are made for safety of the game, so theoretically a non BBCOR bat can create more exit velo than a BBCOR bat. BBCOR bats are required for ages 14U & up this season.

Advice and Tips

Below is some advice and a few things each parent/player should focus on when purchasing a new bat....
It is all about finding that good feel of bat speed and barrel control, feel is important to each individual so if possible let them swing the bats/test them out..
Biggest thing is weight and length...
More length =  better whip**
Length is also key when it comes to plate coverage
But make sure the weight isn't too much that it effects bat control, because as you go up in length the weight will increase as well (depending on the drop)
**Whip will create better torque/bat speed.